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There are zillion other service providers out there! We distinguish ourselves with the quality of service and product lines that we offer.
You can never go wrong, once you choose us!

Customer Support

We invest in customer support, and we know the value of time. That is why our Online/Onsite Support team will connect you with the best in technical support and real problem-solving executives and engineers at the at almost the speed of electricity!

We Deliver

Yes, we deliver what we promise. We promise to deliver the best in industry standards in terms of quality of service and products. So, rest assured!

Logistical Support

We know the impact of downtime, and the result of it is always unpleasant. To minimise it, we keep a healthy stock of spares and standby ready, just in case!

Learn about Renewable Energy in a Video

What is renewable energy? Here is a famous Renewable Energy 101 video.

We create Awesome Energy!

We create Awesome Energy!

Energy is the basis of everything living and things around it, and we are proud providers of energy solutions to our clients.

We also believe that functionality should override the beauty when it comes to practical aspect of serving the purpose it was originally targeted. We religiously following these 5 mantras' in order to achieve it.

  • Never loose the vision of the goal to be achieved. It is always easy to get distracted, but harder to focus.
  • There is always a way to get it done. Never stop looking out for it.
  • Always ask for help when in need, there is no reason to shy about it.
  • Always keep a strict vigil of your time invested into anything, at work or simply in life.
  • Remember that it takes many drops to create an ocean, keep hard control to not to fill-up the waste bin.

Our Team

Behind every successful company, there are hard-working, smart people! We have ours!

Ashok Revanna

Ashok Revanna

The Mastermind

Always onto something, never quits and hard to play catch-up. But always there when needed!

Moazzam Ali

Moazzam Ali

Marketing head

No company flourishes without the effort of the ones who gets the business moving. This one person has tremendous responsibility.




A go-getter. He is the one who gets most of the things done at Urja GreEnergy.

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