Uninterruptible Power Supply or simply UPS is a power backup system that is an electrical device that works with Batteries (for energy storage) to power the critical loads of a facility/building.

Industrial-grade UPS systems

Since the battery storage is limited in power backup, they are mostly used to power up critical loads, while a secondary power backup system like a Diesel Generator Set is used for continuous power for the UPS critical as well as for non-critical loads.

Diesel-Generator (Gen-Set) can only be used as a secondary backup, as the startup time involved to power the loads cannot be instantaneous like the UPS.

Although Diesel-GenSets are non-environmental-friendly, in certain applications they are the only best choices than having nothing. Also, a GenSet is always on the second or third line of power backup systems, which is run absolutely only when necessary.

Smart-GenSet Console

A Smart Gen-Set is a Generator Set that uses a Computer controlled for automatic operations as well optimized for fuel efficiency and monitoring. It can also be used for remote operations via the internet if connected and programmed accordingly. It also is useful to use in conjunction with renewable energy systems, such as On-Grid Solar Power systems for increased fuel efficiency, reducing load, and thus increasing its lifespan.

Portable Smart-Diesel-GenSet (Outdoor - Noise Free)

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