What & Why Energy Audits?

Energy Auditing is the process of inspection survey & analysis of energy usage of various loads consuming it in a system or building. Auditing is essential to check and optimize energy usage while minimizing wastage. It helps in conserving energy and also utilizing it in the most efficient way possible.

Benefits of Energy Audits

  • Energy Audits help you resolve many of the O&M issues which otherwise not been diagnosed with their potential pitfalls. It helps overcome many occupational health hazards such as Indoor Air Quality, exposure to Electro-Magnetic Radiation, etc.
  • However, the major reason or highlight of an Energy Audit is to figure out the energy consumption and its possible conservation using modern techniques, such as Automation. It also provides insight into the reduction methodologies on energy expenses, using Renewable Energy resources to reduce consumption from the grid electricity.
  • Energy Audits greatly help to achieve your Sustainability Goals, to reduce your Carbon-Footprint thereby increasing your credibility in the industrial sector you serve. The best achievable rating would be implementing both Automation & Renewable Energy thereby maximizing the achievable or even beyond the set/benchmark target(s).

In case, if you are looking for an Energy Audit/Solar EPC installer, get in touch with us and we will fulfill it the best way possible.