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Name: Sri. Ashok Revanna
Role: Head - Business & Projects

Skillset(s): Electronics, IT, Renewable Energy & Electric Vehicle Engineer.

Strength(s): Public Speech, Business Development, Strategy, Team-Leading, Resource Management, People Management, Project Planning & Execution.

Currently pursuing my business in Solar PV for Industrial & Commercial consumers, as well as other high-electricity users. Also working on EV Charging infrastructure planning & venture.

Electronics, Computers (both hardware & software) is my basic qualification, upon which I pursued the future extensions as my life progressed. Running an office that is into renewable energies & sustainable products/services, my life revolves around it. During my college, the exposure into aeromodelling led to my strong interests into aerospace, which I pursue it more as a hobby than a career. Electric vehicle was the next big thing coming, and I couldn't resist myself to earn a professional certificate as an EV engineer.

Phone: +91 9482 3030 25


City: Bengaluru, India




Marketing & Sales Executive: 1 Position(s)

Procurement & Logistics Executive: 1 Position(s)

Design & Engineering: 1 Position(s)