Containerised Solar-Backed Battery Bank

Lithium batteries come in various sizes, types, and capacities. It all depends on the application and use-cases. Above is one type where a containerized Battery Bank with Solar panels for topping up energy during daylight.

Inside Smart-Lithium-Battery (BMS)

Lithium Batteries are smart battery packs as they need to be carefully and electronically well-managed battery systems since they are prone to fire incidents if not. The cells operate with the highest density of energy and contain certain volatile compounds in their chemistry, and need to be operated within certain tight-parameters.

Cut-away of Li-Ion Battery Module
Above is a Lithium battery module designed for Electric Vehicle/Automotive applications.

Battery Backup on Wheels

Since the batteries are lighter and power-dense, they can be transported for portable energy backup purposes.

Rack mountable Lithium Battery Module

Lithium Batteries are getting popular for powering up data centers and communication equipment as they are easier and cleaner to handle.

Conventional Lead-Battery Bank on an industrial scale.

Above is a classical example of the good-old lead-battery bank used for energy storage.

Exploded view of a Rack-Mountable Lithium Battery Module

Insides of a rack-mounted lithium battery module, showing the cylindrical cells arranged and packed into a module.

Types of Lithium Battery Cells

There are basically four types of lithium cell packaging, namely,
  1. Cylindrical cell
  2. Prismatic cell
  3. Pouch cell
  4. Button cell
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