Electric Vehicles are clearly the future of clean mobility solutions. However, for mass adoption, there were/are a few obstacles.

  • Firstly it was Battery Technology for Energy Storage for EVs &
  • then Second was the lack of availability of a Widespread EV Battery Charging Network.

Earlier it was the supply & cost of the battery packs, which in recent trends has witnessed the prices dropping drastically thus making it affordable to own and maintain, which was a result of mass manufacturing of Lithium-Batteries.

Another challenge with the battery storage resource was the lack of recycling of the used (end-of-life) batteries, which are now getting organized and ready for operations.

The only hindrance to mass adoption at large is in fact the lack of a robust and widely distributed charging network. Since it is a lucrative business model for investors, many players are busy establishing their charging infrastructure at their capacity and interests. However, this has created a clutter of charging stations/network operators who have adopted different charging standards and operating procedures, which are fast becoming an issue rather than a solution for EV owners.

After a thorough analysis and case studies of multiple EV Charging Infrastructures, we have understood the underlining issues and carefully devised a standard for aggregating various operators and networks in one simple, robust, and easy-to-use EV Charging Management System (EV-CharMS™).

EV-CHARMS™ is based on the open standards protocols, further improvised with ground-breaking features and functionality, such as Just-Plug-n-Go™; as the self-explanatory name explains as a simple plug-in and leave, to let the system interact and transact automatically without investing/wasting any additional time or effort to charge the EV's battery pack(s). One-Plug adapters connect various types of charging plugs effortlessly, thereby maximizing the charging probability.